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Red Velvet Pound Cake

Red Velvet Pound Cake is soft, moist, flavorful and sweet.  This easy recipe is loaded with eggs and butter to give it the desired dense, heavy texture that classic pound cake is known for.  The icing on the cake is a creamy, rich and sweet cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet Pound Cake Ingredients

Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients

Make The Batter

Prepare the red velvet cake batter. Add red food coloring until the desired shade of red is achieved.


Fill The Pan

Prepare a bundt pan by lightly greasing and flouring it. Fill the bundt pan evenly with the cake batter.


Bake The Cake

This cake takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to bake. Allow to cool while you prepare the frosting.


Make The Frosting

Prepare the cream cheese frosting while the cake is cooling. It should be fluffy and creamy.


Icing The Cake

Transfer the cake to a cake stand or plate. Using a piping bag and round tip, pipe lines of frosting onto the cake.


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